What You Should do After a Car Accident

Tips for Fleet Managers to Manage Accidents Properly

If you are unlucky enough to be in a car accident there are some steps we recommend you take, to make sure the incident is dealt with quickly and smoothly. It is not a nice thought, but car accidents happen fairly often, and if you are caught up in one you can help make a bad situation a little less hassle by remembering what to do if the situation arises. Our accident management company deals with all kinds of car accidents, to share our wisdom we’ve put together this guide.

Steps to Follow After a Car Accident

  1. Stop the car – failing to do so is an offence. Even i you think no damage has been done, it is always worth stopping to check and be sure.

  2. Switch off the engine and turn on the hazards, let those around you know that you are stopped for a reason

  3. Check yourself and any passengers for injuries and call an ambulance if necessary

  4. Call 101 or 999 depending on the severity of the situation

  5. Give your details to anyone else who was involved

  6. Collect details from other drivers, passengers or witnesses

  7. Take photos if it is necessary

  8. Contact your insurer or an accident management company

Choosing Between Your Insurer and an Accident Management Company

Choosing between an accident management company and an insurance company largely comes down to the type of accident you have had. When you are at fault in the accident, handling it directly through your insurance is effectively the only option available to you. However, if the accident was not your fault then handling it through your insurer could affect your no claims bonus. Whilst it is the law to report your accident to your insurer, you are not obligated to have them handle it.

An accident management company will mitigate the risk, and much of the stress, by taking the case on for you. From the moment you report it right through to recovering costs for repairs and replacements from the at-fault party. An accident management company will also look at the wider picture, they assess the damage that has been done to you and consider any losses of earnings, to ensure you are not left in the red.