Tips for Fleet Managers to Manage Accidents Properly

Tips for Fleet Managers to Manage Accidents Properly

Being in a car accident is extremely stressful. Whether it’s a small bump or a high speed collision, the experience can be upsetting to anyone involved. If you are a fleet manager, the way you respond to the accident can seriously dictate the outcome moving forward. 

As a fleet manager you need to make sure minor and major accidents are appropriately managed, to guarantee the best outcome for everyone involved, even if it is a bad scenario. In order to achieve this, you may want to hire an accident management company. There are also a few processes you can put in place.

Train Drivers on What to do at Crash Scenes

Frequent training will let your drivers know what to do at the scene of accidents. This includes things such as knowing who to call, knowing what pictures to take and so on. Your drivers are only human and so they may forget, but frequent training is the best way to try to mitigate this. This may seem like a lot of effort, but it will be worth it if an accident is to occur. 

Set up a Detailed Report from for Accidents

Setting up an accident report form for your fleet will serve as a guide for your drivers. It informs them of what to do after an accident. More importantly, it lets your fleet driver know what information they should collect from the involved parties. For example, names, contact information, license plate numbers, passengers involved and witnesses. The employee should also write down any injuries and property damage so that this information can be passed onto the accident management company or the insurers.

Make the Relevant Claims as Soon as Possible

When an accident happens, you should make the proper claim as soon as possible, to get the ball rolling straight away. Any evidence or information regarding the incident should be passed onto your insurer or accident management company. Doing this straight away means the evidence is easier to substantiate and approve. You should keep records of everything such as repair work costs, loss of income, personal injuries etc. Doing this means the claim you make is sufficient for the accident, and ensures each relevant party is compensated fairly.

These tips will help you, as a fleet driver, take control of accidents before they even happen. We, as an accident management company, can also help you take control of accidents, ensuring you get the help you need to make the right claims.