Why AMG?

Here at AMG, we’re an award-winning UK accident management company, with a commitment to delivering best-in-sector support.

AMG vs Insurance Company

If you are a PCO driver who has been in an accident you have the option of turning to your insurer, or choosing an accident management company. There are a few things you should consider when making this decision.

Was the accident your fault?

If the accident was your fault, your insurer is in the best position to handle proceedings. You pay your premiums year on year, and so it is only right that your insurer delivers the service you pay them for.

If the accident was not your fault...

You still have an obligation to inform your insurer, but that does not mean you need to hand over the reins and let them take over. In fact, there are several reasons why doing that is a bad idea.

Why Not Go Through Your Insurance?

Insurers are notorious for keeping a sharp eye on their bottom line, what’s in your best interest won’t always match what is in their best interest, especially if you are a PCO driver who relies on their vehicle for work, and this can impact the service you get.

Your insurers view of a non-fault accident is likely to be very different to your view. Their number one role is taking on responsibility after an at-fault accident, so often they see non-fault accidents as a time consuming and costly.

Whilst reporting the accident to your insurance company is mandatory, having them handle it is not. You can simply let them know you are using an accident management company. Below are some more reasons you should think carefully before letting your insurance company handle your non-fault accident.

Your Excess

Unfortunately, your insurance company will expect you to pay your excess following a non-fault accident. They will typically offer you some (limited) help in trying to reclaim this from the at-fault party, but the process can often take as much as six months.

Many drivers choose a larger excess as a way to reduce the costs of their premiums. But regardless of whether your excess is large or small, you need to be confident that you’re dealing with a company that will aggressively pursue the at-fault party’s insurer to get your money back asap. Do you have confidence that your insurance company will do this?

Your No Claims Bonus

Incredible as it sounds, many insurers will remove your no-claims bonus – even if the accident you were involved in wasn’t your fault! This happens as standard if there is a dispute over blame, but, while some insurers will reinstate your discount once your innocence is established, others will still view you as being at greater risk of having another accident in the future!

Vehicle Repairs

If your vehicle’s been damaged in a road-traffic accident, then one of your priorities will be to have it repaired to the highest possible standard. Often you may find your insurer will want the repair to be performed cheaply, to minimise the risk of the at-fault party’s insurer contesting the costs. At Accident Management Group we ensure all repairs are conducted to the highest of standards.

Fact: As the vehicle’s owner, it’s your legal right to demand an independent assessment, and to have the repair work carried out at a garage of your choice.

Lack Of Control

If you have a non-fault accident you quickly find there are numerous people involved in your case. You may feel overwhelmed with the amount of people you have to negotiate with, and you may feel like you have no control over the repairs. At AMG we give you a dedicated case handler, to ensure you have a point of contact at all times. We also keep open communication so that you know exactly how the claim is being managed.

Personal Injury Support

If you were unlucky enough to suffer a personal injury as part of your non-fault accident, then you deserve compensation. Especially as a PCO driver, where personal injury is likely to put you out of work.

Unfortunately, insurers often farm this kind of work out to obscure solicitors, whose main focus is on closing cases as fast as possible in order to secure their fees. In comparison, as an Accident Management Group we understand how drastically an injury can impact your income as a PCO driver, we will chase the liable party to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Replacement Vehicles

You would hope that your insurer would provide you with a like-for-like replacement, particularly as a PCO driver who’s livelihood relies on driving customers, but often insurance companies aren’t willing to invest in like-for-like replacements. You are more likely to receive a Vauxhall Corsa.

At the Accident Management Group we are able to provide marques, taxis, commercial vehicles as well as dual control cars, and generally anything else that would be considered as ‘non-standard’ by an insurance group. This means that if you are still able to work, following your non-fault accident, you have a vehicle worthy of your PCO profession.