We’re here to help you with your non-fault car accident claim

We represent non-fault PCO drivers who have been involved in road traffic accidents. We provide exceptional claims management services.

What is a non-fault car accident?

A non-fault car accident is a term used to describe any accident where the victim was not to blame. The responsibility lies on the driver who caused the accident, also known as the liable party.

PCO - PHV Claims

We specialize in providing PCO/Taxi licensed credit hire/replacement vehicles following non-fault accidents. We understand how important it is to get you back on the road as soon as possible, which is we have grown to be the first choice for PCO operators and drivers.

As a PCO driver your vehicle is your asset, so we make it our priority to keep you updated throughout the whole claims process. You will have a dedicated file handler who will be quick to answer any questions.

Fleet Claims

If your business runs a whole fleet of PCO vehicles, then the chances of an accident are multiplied. If one of your drivers is involved in a non-fault accident, contact us and we’ll save you the time and stress of picking up the pieces yourself, meaning you can focus on keeping your business running instead.

We are a full-service UK accident management company, who can support you every step of the way from accident to recovery. Our business model revolves around one main belief; if an accident wasn’t your fault, then you shouldn’t be left worse off!

We work with an extensive array of insurance approved bodyshop’s, making sure your client, employee or hirer’s repair is completed to an insurance approved standard. We are so confident in our work that we also include a 5-Year Warranty.

We also offer credit hire services to various CMC’s and solicitor firms as well as insurance brokers. We can provide you with a hire vehicle for your own customer. We will arrange for the vehicle to be dropped directly to the client or to your offices if you prefer. We can also recover and store your client’s vehicle and arrange for it to be inspected by independent engineers.

We pay market leading commission on credit hire referrals to help increase your revenues and make your business more profitable. Customer service is important to us, and we know it will be to you, so we aim to provide a vehicle within 4 hours since the claim is accepted.

Following a non fault accident we will provide you with:

A fully insured and quality checked PCO Licenced vehicle, this will be delivered to you, usually within 4 hours of the claim being accepted. The replacement vehicle will remain with you until your damaged car has been fully repaired, or, until you receive a payment if your vehicle has been written off.

We have an extensive range of PCO licensed vehicles available, all under 3 years old, including Hybrid, Executive, 7 seaters, Plug-in & fully electric vehicles.

Vehicle Recovery

Even if your vehicle starts after an accident, it’s unlikely to be roadworthy. We’ve developed a nationwide network of local vehicle recovery operators who are able to come out to you quickly and get your vehicle moved to a safe place ASAP!

Vehicle Storage

Following an accident, your vehicle should be stored safely, securely and at no cost to you. At AMG we take the stress of vehicle storage off of your shoulders, and take care of it ourselves as part of our comprehensive accident management services.

24/7 Incident Support

Road traffic accidents can happen day or night, so you need an accident management company that offers round-the-clock support. Luckily, here at AMG our carefully trained representatives are always available and are only ever a phone call away.

Vehicle Damage Assesment

Having an accurate and impartial vehicle damage assessment is a must after an accident. We’ll ensure that your vehicle is inspected promptly and thoroughly by an independent professional who’ll properly record all the damage inflicted during the accident.

Uninsured Loss Recovery

Insurance only goes so far, and a no-fault RTA can leave you out of pocket for costly phone bills, damaged personal effects and even lost earnings. But don’t count on your insurer for support – choose AMG and we’ll ensure you’re not left in the red!

Replacement Vehicles

Don’t settle for bargain-basement wheels from your insurer when we can provide the like-for-like replacement you’re entitled to! We have prestige marques, bikes, commercial vehicles, taxis, dual-control vehicles and far more available now!

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