Car Write Off Categories

Car Write Off Categories

A car is considered a write off when it has been in an accident and is either too dangerous to drive again, or is ‘beyond economical repair’, which means it would cost more to fix it than it is worth in the marketplace. Our accident management company deals with a range of accidents, and write-offs, so we have put together a guide to help distinguish between the write of categories.

Category A

A category A write off is a car that has sustained significant structural damage that is irreparable. The car’s chassis and bodyshell, which are the parts that provide the car with its strength in a collision, may have been severely damaged in the accident. The vehicle will be scrapped and a certificate of destruction will be given. 

Category B 

Category B write-offs have sustained significant damage, which a mechanic cannot rectify. Any viable remnants may be scrapped, to be used on other cars, but the ‘shell’ must be discarded due to the damage.

Category S (formerly category C)

Damage to structural parts of the car, such as the chassis or crumple zone, often occurs in cat s write offs. A category S vehicle can b Ge fixed and returned to the road. However, the car must be inspected by an authorised engineer, it must then be re-registered with the DVLA, who may issue a new number plate.

Category N

Cars classified as a category N write off will have non-structural damage, they are however, able to be restored to roadworthy condition, so they can be re-used. Non-structural may involve damage to the bumper, sun roof, electrics, engine or seats. A cat N does not need to be inspected or re-registered before being restored to the road.

Write Off Accidents

If you have been involved in a non-fault car accident, our accident management company can help. We will take control of the claims management process, and will ensure you get the compensation you deserve, both for your written off car and for the personal implications of the accident. Telling your insurer about the accident is a legal requirement, but having them handle it is not, our accident management company is there to help.