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Here at Accident Management Group, we’re an award-winning UK accident management company, with a commitment to delivering best-in-sector support.

The Accident Management Group

We have been offering reliable and efficient accident management services to PCO and mini cab drivers for several years. In our experience, conventional insurance companies don’t offer a service that justifies the price you pay them each month. This is particularly frustrating when you have been in an accident that was not your fault.

Our founder, Kunal Soni has decades of experience in the automotive industry, spanning everything from PCO rental and accident management to MOT’s and Turbocharger repairs. Noticing the lack of service offered by insurance groups, Kunal set up AMG, an accident management company that deals with the complete recovery process following an accident. Under AMG, Kunal has turned around hundreds of PCO claims for minicab drivers across the UK, ensuring they are never left out of pocket following an incident.